5 Halloween Forms You Shouldn't Miss Using This Year

Boo! It’s the 123 Horror Builder!

Are you ready to "halloweenify" your online forms? We’ve designed a few templates to create the mood for spooky times and help convert more customers.

Halloween party registration form

Here’s an orange & purple online event registration form that you can use to organize community events for this year’s holiday.

Or, if you work in the HR department of a company, get inventive and plan a themed office party for employees.


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Costume order/rental form

Here’s a fun way to get your costume selling business noted. Add costume images directly on the order form. Integrate with PayPal, Stripe and other payment processors to have orders flow in this Halloween!

Of course, if you own a costume rental shop, you can use this template as well. Just customize it to match your needs and start the costume craze right away!

You can also use the template for selling any other holiday goodies, like spooky desserts. You bake the scrumptious cakes, we bake the functional web form!


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Candy donation form

Spread holiday cheer for the less fortunate ones. Make it easy for people to relate to your cause with this easy-to-edit Halloween treats donation form sample. Share it anywhere online, especially on those charity social media pages!


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Concert booking form

This adorable template is used to book an artist for a music event. Feel free to edit or add all the little details that go into booking music artists, like your budget, event date, duration, and location. And let the good times roll!

halloween concert form template

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Halloween quiz

Are you a teacher? The fun kind, who always amazes children with versatile disguises and cheerful activities? It’s that time of the year, so get your Halloween quiz ready! 6-7 questions are usually enough to get students into the holiday spirit. And since Halloween is not just about carving pumpkins or eating candy, find out if they know how the holiday was born.


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Start creating hauntingly great Halloween web forms and don't forget to manage the data you collect.