Employee Spotlight: Emanuel Baran

Our company culture revolves around respect and collaboration, friendship and professionalism, passion for excellence, and a love of keeping our employees happy. With that in mind, we decided to shine a spotlight on our colleagues, just to give you a glimpse of what 123 Form Builder is about. Our Employee Spotlight series continues with one of our Experienced Software Engineers, Emanuel Baran.

Employee Spotlight Manu

What is your job at 123 Form Builder and what does that involve?

I’m a front-end developer with a soft spot for games. My job consists of different puzzles and activities like coming up with modular solutions for usage throughout the platform, implementing user interfaces, and, of course, meetings Smiley

Before 123 Form Builder, what did you do?

I’ve been a jack of many trades for the past 9 years (design, UI/UX, development, project management), but in the last 6 years, I’ve been focused on front-end.

Is there a project that you have worked on and are particularly proud of?

In the past year, the white label project is one I’m particularly proud of, as it was a great team effort from the Nomads team. We had the opportunity to use new technologies, start up the internal design library, and have our first complete project as a team. And it paid off well with no serious bugs to date Smiley

What is your favorite perk at 123 Form Builder?

My favorite perk at 123 Form Builder during lockdown was the weekly Friday games we played on Slack.

What did you dream of becoming when you were growing up?

I’ve dreamt of becoming many things, but one thing that did linger was being an actor.

What does your workspace look like, these days?

Extra 27″ screen, headphones, and a cup of coffee. Trying to keep it simple and focused.

Any advice for people looking to pursue a career at 123 Form Builder?

Just be yourself! Smiley